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COVID-19 Information - April 2022

As with all setttings, we have taken necessary measures to protect our staff, children and parents/carers. Please read our COVID-19 Policy, COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Return To Pre-School Agreement for more information

Term Dates for 2023/24

Term Start (inclusive) End (inclusive)
Term 1 2023 Monday 4th September Friday 20th October
Half Term 1 Monday 23rd October Friday 27th October
Term 2 2023 Monday 30th October Friday 8th December
Christmas Holidays Monday 11th December Monday 1st January
Term 3 2024 Tuesday 2nd January Friday 9th February
Half Term 2 Monday 12th Feburary Friday 16th February
Term 4 2024 Monday 29th Feburary Thursday 28th March
Spring Holidays Friday 29th March Friday 19th April
Term 5 2024 Monday 22nd April Friday 24th May
Half Term 3 Monday 27th May Friday 31st May
Term 6 2024 Monday 3rd June Friday 12th July

Term Dates for 2024/25

Term Start (inclusive) End (inclusive)
Term 1 2024 Monday 2nd September Friday 25th October
Half Term 1 Monday 28rd October Friday 1st November
Term 2 2024 Monday 4th November Friday 13th December
Christmas Holidays Monday 16th December Friday 3rd January
Term 3 2025 Monday 6th January Friday 14th February
Half Term 2 Monday 17th Feburary Friday 21st February
Term 4 2025 Monday 24th Feburary Friday 4th April
Spring Holidays Monday 7th April Friday 25th April
Term 5 2025 Monday 28th April Friday 23rd May
Half Term 3 Monday 26th May Friday 30th May
Term 6 2025 Monday 2nd June Friday 11th July

Uniform Ordering

Sweatshirts and t-shirts in royal blue with yellow print can now be ordered online from Wainwright and following the instructions below
Wainwright Screenprint
  • Choose the garments/items you require and add them to your wish list
  • Go to check out and fill in the form, making sure to add St Paulinus as the name of your School, Nursery or Pre-school
  • The Pre-school printing requirement for all the different garments are set-up on their systems already so they know from the name of your school how each garment should be printed and the colours.
  • Send your wish list
  • They will reply by email with your order confirmation which will give to the final cost.
  • Payment is made after you have received the order confirmation from us and not when you send the wish list so you can amend your order at this point is you want to. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, cheque or telephone with card payment 01258 837364.
  • You can still order by Telephone or email info@wainwrightscreenprint.co.uk if you prefer


Autumn Newsletter - Term 1

Autumn Newsletter - Term 2

Spring Newsletter - Term 3

Spring Newsletter - Term 4

Summer Newsletter - Term 5

Summer Newsletter - Term 6

Parent Questionnaire - June 2014

AGM Minutes - March 2013

AGM Minutes - March 2014

AGM Minutes - February 2015

AGM Minutes - March 2016

AGM Minutes - March 2018

AGM Minutes - March 2019

AGM Minutes - February 2021 (draft)


All children should arrive punctually at the beginning of each session. This prevents the possibility of activities being interrupted and ensures that no child misses out on part of an activity.

Parents/Carers are asked to collect their children promptly at the end of each session. Children will not be allowed to leave with anyone other the parent/carer unless the Supervisor or a member of Staff has been notified previously. [See note on passwords]

Children should wear comfortable and suitable clothes for Pre-School activities. No tricky buttons, belts or dungarees if possible.

Aprons are provided for activities involving paint, water and glue.

In the summer, we would ask you to provide a sun-hat (with name inside) for your child, and to apply sun-cream before your child arrives if the weather is sunny and hot.

Should you have any concerns and/or complaints, our complaints procedure can be found here.

Child Security Passwords

On joining the school each child is allocated a unique password

The child will not be released to anyone other than their parent/carer if they cannot tell us the correct password.

This is a simple security measure, please ensure friends, grandparents, etc. know the password and understands this regulation before sending them to collect a child.

Remember no child will be released without this password.